Seminars in Environmental Justice (2021)

The seminar series is a component of a new class at UC Berkeley called “Riskscapes and Environmental Justice: Implications for Advancing Scientific Methods and Policy-making.” The course examines scientific methods, analytical approaches, and regulatory strategies to advance environmental justice. It examines structural determinants of environmental health disparities and provide frameworks for evaluating the equity implications of environmental policies and programs. 

Register for the series at Zoom:

FRIDAYS 10.10am PST; 1.10 pm EST, Biweekly

For questions about the seminar series, please contact Chakriya Srey,

Sponsors and Organizers

Sponsored by the Division of Environmental Health Sciences and the Superfund Research Program, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

Organizers: Rachel Morello-Frosch, Martyn Smith and Chakriya Srey