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  • Data Availability: Data in paper and SI. Contact This study used biospecimens from the California Biobank Program. Any uploading of genomic data (including genome‐wide DNA methylation data) and/or sharing of these biospecimens or individual data derived from these biospecimens has been determined to violate the statutory scheme of the California Health and Safety Code Sections 124980(j), 124991(b), (g), (h), and 103850 (a) and (d), which protect the confidential nature of biospecimens and individual data derived from biospecimens. Data for epigenetic clocks and available covariates in newborns with and without DS are included in the Supplemental Dataset.


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  • Data Availability: The datasets generated and/or analyzed during the current study are not publicly available due to participant confidentiality but are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request and upon institutional review board review. Code used in data processing and EWAS, and complete lists of differentially methylated positions (DMPs) and differentially variable positions (DVPs) (p < 0.05) in individual EWAS are available at the study’s Github repository ( Data and code repository: Supplemental Materials (and rights and permissions):

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