SOT 2018

  • Felicia at her poster on arsenic and thermogenesis
  • Fenna Sille speaking on arsenic and immunogenicity
  • Martyn with Rosie Felicia and Linda
  • Rosie and Fenna Sille
  • Rosie with NorCal SOT Committee


Martyn Smith and SRP Trainees Rosemarie de la Rosa, Felicia Castriota and Linda Rieswijk, attended the 57th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology in San Antonio, Texas, on March 11-15, 2018.

The Trainees gave poster presentations:

  • Linda Rieswijk: “Using Gene Expression Data to Provide Evidence for the Key Characteristics of Human Carcinigens in Hazard Identification
  • Rosie de la Rosa: “Early-life Arsenic Exposure has a Long-Term Effect on Plasma Glucocorticoid Levels”
  • Felicia Castriota: “Effect of Arsenic on Thermogenesis and Metabolic Health”

Rosie is the Graduate Student Representative on NorCal SOT. She helped to organize a reception at SOT.

Former SRP Trainee Fenna Sille spoke in the Platform Session: Immunogenicity. Her talk was titled “The effects of arsenic on vaccine immunogenicity and infectious disease risk”